A slight side step away from my usual interior obsession, I thought I would tell you about a brilliant film I went to see last week called ‘Finding Vivian Maier’.

For those of you unfamiliar with her and her work Vivian’s story is an intriguing one. The Documentary traces her life, a mysterious nanny who secretly took over 100,000 photographs. She hid them in storage lockers which were never seen by anyone until her death in 2007. A young Chicago historian named John Maloof discovered a box of her undeveloped negatives at an auction. He immediately became interested in her street photography and set out to piece together the rest of her story, including obtaining her storage locker and vast amounts of undeveloped film and negatives. The images were 1000’s of photographs taken on the streets of New York and Chicago from the 1950’s till the end of her life. The film was a journey through Maier’s life and John Maloof’s quest to find out more about the completely unknown artist. He spoke to children and families that Maier had worked for, trying to get an idea of who the woman behind the images was and from all accounts she was a very private but extremely interesting person.

Having never been aware of her photography before I was completely mesmerised. Her images are outstanding. I am already a huge fan of Willian Klien and I would put Vivian Maier’s work right up there with his. What an incredible undiscovered talent. Hopefully Vivian would be proud of seeing her work so greatly received.


Grey dreaming…. something I find my self doing on a regular basis! Grey interiors have been having a major moment of late, some associate grey with industrial environments or maybe colour that is depicting the nations mood? depressing?. Not me I LOVE grey. All shades.

Soft, pale, calm shades for light, open, airy spaces adding texture for a decorative soft edge. These are perfect for bedrooms, studios or rooms with high ceilings to promote quiet relaxation.

Deeper, darker, richer hues for snugs, smaller rooms and to make a bolder statement add ascents of neon or burnt orange. I actually need to stop painting grey walls in my home, it’s getting out of hand! We have a large sliding grey wall separating our living room/sung and another grey feature wall in the sung (which  is a very small room) with a bright yellow sofa in front of it. The two contrast brilliantly and make for a really inspirational space to read and chill out in away from the kids.

These pictures are some of my favourite ‘Grey Dreaming’ pictures found on pinterest.


I thought I would share a few of my favourite Magazine features from shoots we did last year. Starting with this gorgeous victorian house in Edinburgh shot for House Beautiful UK. Owned by Juliet and Justin Moletta (of Moletta Munro). The 3 story house with all of it’s original features intact is a beautiful blend of period and contemporary styles. I shot and styled this house over two days last summer and everywhere I looked there were amazing styling props to be found! It was quite a job lugging kit up and down the large staircases but such a treat to work in such a beautifully light space.

There were retro and iconic vintage furniture styles combined for a strong architectural look. Purple Muuto socket lamps, Eames chairs, bright moroccan pouffes and Neon Hay throws all put together against a soft grey walls and the over all look is fun and fabulous!

There are just too many beautiful pieces of furniture and art dotted all over the house for me to pick a favourite, but on my list of bits to steal would be the bright moroccan pouffes and lets’ be honest pretty much anything by Hay!


The day has finally arrived… The new season Claire Gaudion delivery is here! I have been SO excited about sharing these geometric beauties with you. For those of you not familiar with the amazingly talented Claire she is a British born textile artist. Her patterns are inspired from the kaleidoscopic landscape of her beloved island Guernsey. I just can’t get enough of her bright, bold and graphic patterns. We already stock her gorgeous scarves in our store, but you all know my heart lies with interiors so the homeware addition to her collection is just too much!. These cushions and new stationary lines are now available to buy on our website. I hope you love them as much as me!






Punchy typographical, black and white art prints have been around for a while now, but I still just can’t get enough of them! I have quite a sizeable collection around my own home and the quirky phrases really make me smile. Some of my current  favourite artists include Anthony Burrill, the first piece of art we bought for our house when we had finished the build, ” I like it what is it”, makes me laugh out loud everyday. One must dash’s, “small talk”, is one of my all time favourite pictures and I am seriously lusting after, “this is not a bloody hotel”. I love Anki and Anneli’s hilarious out look on life, it really come across in their work. Ham is a new discovery and I first became aware of them at a design show in London. Established in 2011 by Jo Robinson her designs are based on her own childhood nostalgia, keeping all of the designs  minimal, punchy, black and white. The superhero rabbit is a personal favourite but I found it hard just to pick one. Kristina Dam’s (based in Denmark) stunning 3d and embossed illustrations are also on my list of current obsessions. I will run out of wall space if I keep this up! All of these artists are completely amazing and I would highly recommend checking out their work.

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