It’s all been go go go at SOOuK head quarters the past few weeks. My head has been crammed pack full of things to do! I have been organising new lines for the shop (more on that coming soon!) and also working on our new collection. The first art prints arrived today and I am SO excited about them I had to share them with you.  I have spent the summer obsessing over palm trees and just generally being outside as much as I can. Living in Scotland you have to seize these opportunities! I have two Palm trees in my studio (they would never survive outside) they’re my own little bit of paradise to keep me calm on the dark winter days. When the bright sunlight floods in they cast the most incredible shadows on my white floor and white walls. This has been the inspiration behind the collection. The Palms are printed on the most beautiful soft, bright white art paper. The contrasty black palm leaves look so punchy set against black frames and white walls. We are taking pre-orders for these now please email [email protected] Have a great weekend!




Thought I would write a quick post to tell you about a great exhibition I went to see today called ‘No Strangers’ it’s on in Edinburgh at the Royal Botanical Gardens. The exhibition is collection of photographs taken by lots different photographers from round the world focusing on indigenous people, the way different cultures live and how we express a shared humanity. Some of the images are absolutely breathtaking. I took a few snaps on my phone to share with you here so you can get a flavour, but I would really recommend that if you are in Edinburgh (trying to avoid the referendum!) you should head a long. The exhibition space it’s self is worth seeing. It’s on till the 21st of September so get there quick!


Following on from my last post about our visit to Copenhagen I thought I would mention a fantastic exhibition we went to see on Hans J Wegner at the design museum.  Wegner is already a big favourite of  mine and I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see and in some cases touch these amazing original designs. The exhibition is a journey through Wegners life (1914-2007) celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth. I learned that he created over 500 chairs in his life time paving the way for other danish design to break through internationally, making him one of the most prolific designers the world has ever seen. Wegner was an incredibly skilled carpenter, he produced all of his own prototypes in his workshop, exploring the potentials of wood and creating new organic shapes.

Walking round the exhibition it was really exciting to see all of the famous chair designs that I have knowen and loved for so many years. The highlight of the exhibition for me was the ‘Tripartite’ shell chair which I have never seen before, It was absolutely stunning and apparently never put in to production! There are even a few chairs that you are aloud to try out and we definitely took our time doing that! I was surprised at how comfortable the shell chair was, I always thought it looked quite hard and an uncomfortable angle, all be it’s simplicity beautiful. It was SO comfortable.

Other notes about the Design Museum would be it’s wonderful cafe, shop (I love a gallery shop!) and pretty court yard garden. We sat outside in the sunshine and I ate the best piece of carrot cake I have ever tasted! A brilliant day all round. The exhibition runs till the 2nd of November.

‘If only you could design just one good chair in your life… but you simply cannot!” 1952 Hans J Wegner.