I have been working my way through the gorgeous box of Taschen books that arrived last month, this week I have been reading Green Architecture Now volume 2. This book is incredibly inspiring, not only is it packed full of breath taking architecture but it also shows how sustainability has become essential in our modern world and can be quite chic too!  This is a guided tour of Green architecture around the world including work from architects in Korea, Vietnam, Los Angeles, Berlin and many more places.

I have a new found love for the work of the author of this book Philip Jodidio. I have just finished Taschen’s ‘Cabins’, (also on this blog), and I am currently working my way through ‘Tree Houses’. Jodidio is renowned as one of the most popular writers on architecture and I can see why, talk about dream job!!

The whole book is a design lovers dream. Firstly to mention a building that I have come across before, but still never fails to amaze is Harads tree hotel. The mirror cube is incredible, set in the North of Sweden the natural tree top setting with full mirrored sides reflects the surrounding forrest perfectly. The structure is designed by Tham and Videgard and is truly eco inspiration. It has 360 degree views of its stunning forest landscape. It is accessed by a rope ladder which surely makes it the perfect secret escape?

I also have to mention the Squish Studio, located on the Eastern end of Fogo island. Designed by Todd Saunders it’s stark white angled structure sits on the rocky shore beside the beautiful blue coastline. To make the most of its aspect it has a triangulated shaped deck and a north terrace that over looks the ocean. The interior is clean and minimal as you would expect from the exterior of the building. The empty bright spaces allow artists freedom to be as creative as they wish. The images of this Studio are, in their own right, outstanding.

My list of wonderful buildings in this book is endless, this is definitely one for the coffee table and truly inspiring to know that these structures are building a beautiful future for our planet.



Modern Morocco

The last few weeks have utterly flown by!  I have been working on lots of new stuff including a Moroccan inspired house in Edinburgh accompanied by my glamorous new assistant Elise (who was a god send helping me up and down 4 floors with the kit!). I am always amazed by these incredible old buildings – this one included. The stunning sweeping staircase, painted in deep Moroccan Red left me speechless. The owners have collected pieces of striking art, lighting and furniture from their travels. Mixing global finds with the traditional elements of the Georgian building. There is a relaxed bohemian feel to the home. Nothing is too polished and although grand still a cozy, comfortable place to live. I am still working away on these but here are a few pictures from the shoot to give you a sneaky preview.