For those of you following this blog you will already know that I quite spent some time re-building my own house. I have a gorgeous outlook over beautiful fields and uninterrupted views. However… I have this very annoying wall. It’s to the right of the gorgeous 5 metres of glass I had installed to make the most of the view, which makes the state of this wall even more annoying! There is a large drain pipe that runs down the front of the wall and as if that doesn’t look bad enough there are two baby pipes coming out of either side of the big one, (insert annoyed face here). The builder told me that was the “only option” I didn’t believe him then and I still don’t believe him now. Anyway moving on I have been thinking about trying to plant a green wall to cover up the ugly pipe work. Vertical gardens are a hot subject right now. While impressively beautiful they also make it possible to have lots of greenery with out loosing garden space. Making them perfect for narrow urban houses with smaller back garden’s. For me it would be more of an artistic statement, like a nice sculpture adding a new dimension to our deck. But also functional by hiding the pipes. I have been doing a little research for my living wall and there are some stunning examples out there. Lots of them have been constructed in public spaces to improve air quality and help people connect with nature. The crisp, lush green walls are not only good for the environment they can be used to protect building facades, reduce noise by adding a layer of insulation, create wildlife habitats and to top it off extremely pleasing to the eye.

After doing a little research for our wall I came across Sempergreen’s website. It is packed full of information with lots of design scope to help bring out side inside. You can pretty much buy a whole wall in one go using sedum tray’s, plant mats or the stunning flexipanel system. They also sell plug plants and moving hedges for an instant garden, what’s not to love?  All I have left to do now is persuade HB that I can keep t alive!

All images from: Green Architecture Now – Taschen (available from Elle Decor and Pinterest.