To say I found this book inspiring would be an understatement. I absolutely LOVE it. My husband bought it for me for christmas, although I think he also loved it so much that he couldn’t wait and gave it to me the week before. The Book of Palms by Taschen has now been published in a mini edition and we have been lucky enough to get a few copies for the shop. Where should I start? This is a very unique art book as well as a book of information to learn about trees from paradise. There are 240 beautiful illustrations of tropical palms and antique reproduction drawings that are stunning. All the images would look amazing as framed prints for the wall.

The Author H. Walter Lack is the Director at the Botanic Garden and Botanic Museum Berlin-Dahlem and Professor at the Free University of Berlin. A leading expert in the history of botany. The illustrations of the palm family included in the book depict microscopic plant anatomy, geographical maps and graphs depicting growth etc.The book was based on Martius’ expeditions through Brazil and Peru. From 1817 to 1820, he traveled over 2,250 km, (1,400 miles), through the Amazon basin to investigate natural history and native tribes with zoologist Johann Baptist von Spix. The result was this amazing catalog of all known genera of the palm family.

Am I starting to sound a bit nerdy yet? I do love my botanicals! Those of you who follow me on my other social media accounts will already know of my passion, (obsession?), for palms and this book is where it all began. It has been the inspiration for much of my photography and print making over the last year. The Palm for me truly depicts paradise and who wouldn’t want to be reminded of that everyday.

The Book of Palms by Taschen (mini edition) and our monochrome palm prints are available in the SOOuK shop.


Its been a fantastic and incredibly busy summer over here, its so nice to finally be able to share some of our projects here on the blog. We were pleased to be featured in Augusts edition of House Beautiful with the bedroom re-design James and I did for Doran. What started as a little bed deck to make an interesting space for him turned into a slightly bigger project… more of a mezzanine in the end. It was a compact bedroom to start with, the bed taking up most of the floor area leaving little room to play or store toys. We were lucky to have a beautiful apex ceiling which gave us plenty of height and space to create an L shape sleeping deck and small play area. I was keen to keep the room as light and airy as possible and by adding the toughened glass sides this has worked well to make the upper deck light as well as being a nice design feature. It looks sharp and modern. To say Doran is delighted is an understatement. He and his buddy’s love to play up there.

Choosing the decoration was really a natural continuation of the rest of the house, Stark white walls keep the small space bright and spacious and a few colour pops with the ladder and accessories soften the monochrome. I also think the black framed art work looks really striking against the white. My favourite item in the room has to be the ‘Dream Big’ banner that hangs over his desk, I love that its a personalised just for him. It’s made by Ailsa Graham at Flamingo Fair, check out her website for more bunting and banner ideas. As for art work I absolutely love everything Joanna Ham makes and this was a brilliant excuse to put up some of her work. I chose “Super Hero Bunny”. I also chose a print by One Must Dash, added a few Alphabet prints that I’d made and framed some of Doran’s art work. He is incredibly creative so adding the wall mounted desk is brilliant for him to be able to sit and draw at. Also keeping all the floor space free from chunky table legs. The drawers are really useful for storing paper and other art supplies. I decided it would be nice to add the sofa bed so that we could easily have cousins and friends to sleep over hassle free. It’s been well used so I am really glad I did it. It is also lovely to be able to sit in there and read bedtime stories. I really feel that we have managed to turn a dull small room in to a fun and adventurous place for him to grow.

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