It’s official plants are invading our homes. I can’t remember the last time I styled a shot without popping a little bit of green in. A succulent or a few eucalyptus branches, I love them. Plants are taking over my home with every stack of  coffee table books there is a pot with something lush in it that I am trying desperately to keep alive. I think plants have become as much a part of our homes as our furniture and carpets. They make us feel happier bringing a little bit of clean air and nature inside. Plants look amazing teamed with minimal modern design. Clean lines with a splash of green add the perfect simplicity to any interior scheme. Plants used to be an after thought with most homes having a dusty old Yucca plant in the corner now people are using them as botanical art whether it be the main focus of a room or to compliment other pieces.

With Summer (almost) over I have noticed the darker forrest greens being a huge fashion trend for Autumn and as usually happens this has flowed down in to interiors too. Graham and Green have a beautiful wingback chair in Emerald green which would look amazing teamed with a metallic pendant and some green Skandium glass. I have also recently become aware of a company called Navet who make really cool dark green plant trays that clamp on to shelves or surfaces. I actually need one (or two) of these in my life. I love their industrial look, they might be a good reason to stock up with some more plants! Maybe summer being over is not going to be so bad after all.