Hello! Can you believe it’s the first of April today? Where has this year gone? It has been a brilliant and busy year at SOOuK so far. We have been shipping prints all over the world and have had a gorgeous feature in March’s edition of House Beautiful. I have been so excited to share this one with you, it is such an interesting home owned by very talented musician Laura Tippehaur from Berlin. The beautiful terrace in Edinburgh is tucked away behind a large hedge in a very sunny spot in Leith. But what makes this feature so special is Laura’s amazing talent for finding interesting pieces of furniture from junk shops and flea markets and up cycling them. She some how manages to make other peoples cast offs fit perfectly with her calm and serene style, ending up with a very chic and expensive look for pennies. The whole house has a neutral backdrop of chalky Whites and Calamine Pinks which Laura has added interesting textures. Lace and crochet have been used for throws and cushions and really soften the greys and the monochrome. The walls are hung with Paintings by her mother and one is a gift from her collage professor from her art collage. Others prints have been picked up over the years and are hung in vintage frames found in charity shops surrounding Laura with individual pieces that really mean something to her. I absolutely loved Laura’s home, so full of character and style. Nice to see truly unique style in House Beautiful this month. I thought this one really stood out.