The Taste Makers – 15 Minutes with Dee Campling

The Taste Makers – 15 Minutes with Dee Campling

This weeks taste maker is Dee Campling an interior and event stylist AND another exciting Instagram find. I have been following Dee for a while now, her photographs are always ones I look forward to seeing on my feed. Images of bathtubs full of plants and strands of fairy lights strung over up-cycled mirrors or mantles. There is also so much humour and warmth in Dee’s captions, I regularly laugh at her use of emojis and the word ‘faffing’ to describe her pictures. This amazing lady’s stylish home has become insta famous with her 13K followers and I am not surprised why.  I thought it would be nice to find out a little more about Dee and who is behind these beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for taking part Dee!

1. What started you on this journey?
I’ve been obsessed with interiors from an early age. My father has a great eye for design and was always pointing out details to me. I decoupaged an entire bedroom wall aged 12 and I bought and completely gutted and redecorated my first house at 22. However, I ignored my passion for years, in order to ‘do the right thing’ and studied Business Studies. I have been involved in project management all of my working life, (part time for the last 15 years) but always with a creative thing going on the side! I studied part time for a Humanities degree with the OU when my children were tiny, as well as various short interior design courses. As my children got older, I set up a glamping accessories shop called Huddle, selling online and from a vintage caravan at street fairs and festivals. I enjoyed the shop styling so much, Huddle morphed into an interior and event styling service.

2. Who or what inspires you?
I’ve always loved Habitat and Terence Conran’s understated but modern designs. I adore the Scandinavian look – the clean lines, the light and the textures. I’m also hugely inspired by the whole outdoors / indoors thing. I love styling outdoor spaces as if they were rooms, and I love bringing outdoor things indoors – logs, trees, plants. This is why I love camping and why I bought and renovated a vintage caravan – I just love the idea of fusing indoor and outdoor living.

3. When you were little you wanted to grow up and…. ?
I wanted to be a farmer, have a safe, comfortable home and lots of animals!

4. What makes a home?
I think just letting your personality loose in the house makes it a home. Don’t follow trends, just buy what you love and mix it up – if you love it, it shows and it will work for you. Don’t be precious about anything – three children and a dog mean my house is rarely tidy despite what my IG account may look like!

5. Describe your ideal day off?
My ideal day would start with a run with my dog. I’d then happily spend the rest of the day faffing in the home and garden. Hanging new pictures, moving sofas and chairs around, swapping the cushions around is my idea of heaven. I would also tend to all my plants and move them around too. This all sounds a bit selfish but I’m so busy normally with children and work that a day on my own is bliss!
If it was a family day off, we’d be on the beach at Sennen Cove in Cornwall, camping in our bell tent.

6. What are you most proud of?
I think I’m most proud of finding the strength to finally listen to my instincts and throw myself into what I love relatively late in life! I’ve been tinkering around with it on the sidelines for too long. It’s a cliche but you have to grab it before it’s too late.

8. Whats your biggest weakness?
I can’t stop buying cushions! I would rather buy a cushion than a new piece of clothing!

9. Instagram is a very powerful tool has it changed the way you do business?
Instagram has been that making of me! Without it I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do what I’m doing now. The support and encouragement is brilliant and unexpected, as well as the inspiration and contacts. Myself, Lisa Dawson and Fiona Cameron (around_houses) have just started the first UK lead interiors hashtag called #myhomevibe which is creating lots more inspiration and camaraderie too.

10. What defines good design?
Good design is both functional and beautiful. It’s carefully curated and balanced but still looks effortless and cool. It respects the rules, but then ignores them!

11. Paris or Copenhagen?
I love love love Paris! I how the French make everything beautiful as a matter of course! I’ve never been to Copenhagen but I love the Scandinavian style too. I’m a Gemini, I can never commit to one thing – I love everything and everywhere!

12. What makes you laugh?
I am very childish and find humour in absolutely everything! I have a notoriously loud laugh which gets me into trouble. I love classic British self deprecating humour – Bill Bailey is my current favourite – but I love American humour too -Will Ferrell and Robin Williams make me laugh just looking at them.

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