Grey dreaming…. something I find my self doing on a regular basis! Grey interiors have been having a major moment of late, some associate grey with industrial environments or maybe colour that is depicting the nations mood? depressing?. Not me I LOVE grey. All shades.

Soft, pale, calm shades for light, open, airy spaces adding texture for a decorative soft edge. These are perfect for bedrooms, studios or rooms with high ceilings to promote quiet relaxation.

Deeper, darker, richer hues for snugs, smaller rooms and to make a bolder statement add ascents of neon or burnt orange. I actually need to stop painting grey walls in my home, it’s getting out of hand! We have a large sliding grey wall separating our living room/sung and another grey feature wall in the sung (which  is a very small room) with a bright yellow sofa in front of it. The two contrast brilliantly and make for a really inspirational space to read and chill out in away from the kids.

These pictures are some of my favourite ‘Grey Dreaming’ pictures found on pinterest.