The copper and metallic trend is well and truly here to stay. Finally having hit the high street with light fittings, culinary equipment and picture frames all proving popular. Metallic started filtering through for fashion and interiors at the end of 2013 with copper firmly in the lead as the first choice for designers such as Tom Dixon and more lately Tom Pigeon. I was immediately in love, but with many other fashion’s thought it was going to be a passing phase and limited my purchase’s to one or two accessories. Two years on I am still in love! I’m completely drawn to its warm metallic glow. I particularly like it when paired with reclaimed woods for a more industrial edge. It can also look ultra sophisticated in a highly polished and shiny state. If you are just looking for a small luxurious accent like a Vase or candle holder try Habitat or Bloomingville, they have some lovely smaller accessories. But for me the dream would be a giant copper Tom Dixon pendant hung in an all white room. I have picked out a few GORGEOUS copper pieces for you to lust over… Enjoy! [1. Tom Pigeon copper tape 2. copper plant pots (image via pinterest) for similar try Bloomingville 3. Habitat copper vase 4. Anthropology copper cutlery 5. Tom Dixon copper pendant light]