Clean lines, soft white light shines in, and stunning minimal design throughout what’s not to love about this beautiful 1930’s top floor flat right in the centre of Edinburgh? Owned by Artist and Writer Sylvie Docherty. She lives there with her husband Sylvian and their two (GORGEOUS) daughters. The house is an amazing lesson in how to scale back and live with less. The white floors and white walls bring a real sense of calm to this families home. Sylvie uses pops of colour to bring warmth, especially in the girls bedroom. With multi coloured bunting and a really cool contemporary mobile it’s the perfect space for the girls to play. The master bedroom is the real winner for me, the high ceilings, enormous windows looking out over Edinburgh’s skyline and shades of soft grey used on the furnishings make it the perfect chill out room. Abstract art adorns the walls in most rooms. Art painted by Sylvie’s Artist father and other works collected from friends are propped up on sideboards and mantles, leaving the walls free and stark white, making the flat appear spacious and beaming with light.

To say this house reflects my own personal style would be an understatement. I also love to live minimally, having a big clear out and paring back on possessions makes me less distracted, less cluttered and truly able to relax in my home. The phrase knick knacks actually makes me shudder!! although a small disclaimer here – This can be challenging with two small boys, a giant boy and Ruby! But the simple life is very appealing to me. Minimalism is essentially the art of being able to comfortably live with less. While this may look easy in reality, it is a lot easier said than done. A beautiful, functional home with a minimal look can be the hardest to design and takes a lot of discipline. Especially for those among us that bring home pretty much anything and everything! (or have daily amazon deliveries HB?!!)

I love Sylvie’s home she has created a beautiful simplicity by living with less. A simpler and more meaningful life? maybe the message is, Be more with less.