Set for celebration

I cannot believe it’s this time of year again, suddenly autumn is over, the dark cold nights are here to stay (till April!!) It’s time to start making plans for Christmas and more importantly the fun parts, decorating the house and styling the table! Over the last few weeks I have teamed up with Holly Brown to bring you some ideas for your festive tables. We have worked with a few different seasonal trends and even managed to work out how to get everyones favourite blush onto the Christmas table. Some beautiful modern rustic looks with foliage, candles, mix match crockery, goblets and twinkle lights. The perfect backdrops for your Christmas feasts.

Bare branches and ruskus are all essential for me at Christmas. There is nothing better than having the house full of evergreen foliage and it always looks amazing on the Christmas table, its the perfect opportunity to add in a bit of colour. If you are like me and only work in two tones (black and white or white and black) some forrest green branches,  brass T-lights or cutlery can be the perfect addition to achieve a beautiful seasonal simplicity to your table.

Other natural looks we created included placing crabapples down the middle of the table to create a warm welcoming centre piece. Dot cinnamon and spice candles alongside them, add linen napkins and team your plates with handmade place cards for a lovely personalised feel for your guests. Start foraging for pinecones now as they would also look amazing with these natural looks.

Create cozy winter glamour with delicate wire fairy lights, we used them with the blush pink crockery and black cutlery but they would work really well with any Christmas table setting. If not fairy lights dot candles all over the table they give out a more magical light striking backdrop for your Christmas celebration. I hope you like the settings we have created and get some good ideas for your own festive tables. Above all else keep it simple and enjoy time with your family and friends. We will be sharing some new wrapping ideas next week!